Join the Movement to #FuckFastFashion


Fast fashion is polluting waterways, releasing carbon emissions, exploiting women in developing countries, ruining bank accounts and perpetuating inequality. There is a better way!

By sharing a wardrobe for an affordable monthly subscription, you can have unlimited access to a wardrobe chosen for, and by, our members - you! 

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How It Works

"Can I look in your wardrobe?"

Check out what's in the wardrobe online. 

Something you want that's not in there? My Sisters' Wardrobe is tailored specifically to members. If something you want isn't in there, we'll purchase it.

"I'm borrowing your top!"

Borrow the item(s) by checking them out using your account. Depending on your membership, you can check out 1 to 5 items at a time. 

Love the item and decide you want to keep it? Purchase the item at a discounted members price.

"Chuck it in the wash!"

Return the item(s) to us in your personalised MSW postage bag. We will wash, dry and put them back in the wardrobe.


This is a wardrobe, not an outfit. Simply pay an affordable monthly subscription (various packages available) and you have access to borrowing what's in there.




About Us

My Sisters' Wardrobe was created in the belief there is a better way of doing fashion. We are not a clothes brand. We are not an outfit. We facilitate the fashion revolution by targeting the distribution section of the supply chain, transforming how we buy, store and use our clothes through a shared wardrobe. You have enough to care about - let us make ethical clothing easy for you! 

Sharing a wardrobe with your sisters means you can have access to all the clothes you want, at a fraction of the price, while also supporting your sisters in the countries making your clothes.